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A boat is a big investment, and must be protected.  While there are many styles and brands of boat covers available on the market today, some of the best are created with Sunbrella fabrics.

Sunbrella has cemented a solid reputation for the quality of fabric it manufactures.  Made by Glen Raven Inc., the Sunbrella inventory falls under four main product lines:

* Awnings:  As a fabric manufacturer, Sunbrella is well respected for the awnings they produce.  Available in fixed and retractable styles, Sunbrella awnings add a fresh new charm to your home's exterior.  The also provide shade in the summer and protection from rain, wind and snow.  Sunbrella awnings are available in many patterns and colors.

* Furniture:   Sunbrella fabrics are stain resistant, fade-proof and easy to clean, making them the perfect choices for outdoor furniture manufacturers.  While they may not be the most inexpensive choices on the market, they are certainly some of the most durable.  

* Recreational Vehicles:  People who love the great outdoors want products they can depend on.  For this reason, Sunbrella's line fabrics designed for RVs and travel trailers are the perfect match for folks on the move.

* Marine:  Boat covers made with Sunbrella fabrics are among the worlds finest.  The lasting durability and weather resistance of these fabrics provides the year-round protection that boat owners want and need.

From the variety of products that are created with Sunbrella fabrics, you can see that the company is serious about providing quality you can count on.  Glen Raven guarantees that their Sunbrella fabrics are resistant to fading from the sun, and their confidence in their products shows in everything they sell.  The focus of this organization is to satisfy their customers, rather than trying to make an easy buck.

If you decide that a Sunbrella boat cover is, in fact, your best choice, you'll need to know where to find one.  Many people will search the Internet to find these products in an online store, with no luck.  It's important to remember that Sunbrella makes the fabrics; they do not create or install actual products for your boat.  For this reason, the company decided that the best way to sell Sunbrella boats covers would be through a network of North American dealers and distributors.

If you would like to purchase a Sunbrella boat cover, you'll need to find a company that uses this particular brand of fabric in the products it manufactures.  Go back to your Internet search and look for local dealers of boat covers, or check in the yellow pages.  A search of "marine canvas" may also produce the results you need.  When you have found a respected marine dealer, as them which products feature Sunbrella fabrics.  It is a very common fabric used by better manufacturers, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding it.  Once you've found the model and size you need in a Sunbrella boat cover, you can usually order it online or over the phone, and have it delivered directly to your door.

Another option is to locate a custom boat cover manufacturer and ask them to create a cover for you using Sunbrella fabrics.  This can be a pricey option, but well worth it in the degree of protection you'll get.  

Your boat is more than an investment.  It's one of the few places that you can truly relax, with just water below and the blue sky above.  Protect your investment, and your peace of mind, with the quality and endurance only a Sunbrella boat cover can offer.
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